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26 November 2011 @ 07:46 pm
[Well now. If you're passing by in the hallway of the Onsen, and you happen to walk past the room that one Saotome Alto is temporarily residing in...

Your unfortunate eyes might fall upon a seemingly harmless bento. One that is slightly open:


One that has Alto's face very meticulously crafted out of food. (You may not want to question what food is blue enough for that hair.) Please ignore the tentacles hanging off the side of the box. And don't mind the eyes that seem to be peering out of the slot between the plastic case holding the lunch.

Furthermore, please feel free to ignore the girl who is not quite hidden from view depending on your angle. That blue-haired girl who is peering around the corner. Watching. And waiting.

You may wonder how she found his room. Or knew he'd be there. Well, let's just say Juvia is her name and creeping is her game. |D]
[Juvia is sniffling as she sews her teru teru bozu doll, which looks something like this.]

Juvia thought she was done with it always raining.

[Unfortunately, little Juvia can't control the rain that follows her. So watch out Wonderland, it may or may not be raining outside your door. It's not raining on her though :P]
[Juvia has a new addition to her self-made Gray-sama collection she's been starting. The makeshift mannequin is still chilling in the background of her room. But right now she's hugging what looks like a small plushie of him. She absently talks to the doll, not knowing that anyone's watching.]

Juvia wants to believe that if Gray-sama were here, everything would be ok.

[She clutches the doll closer.]

But Juvia hopes that you don't come. Gray-sama might get hurt like Juvia did. She doesn't even know how she's alive right now. Juvia was pretty sure she died. So the thought of something happening to Gray-sama...

[Frowning, she lets out a small sigh.]
[There's a nice decanted angle of a room when the camera switches on. In the background, there's a flurry of blue and white fabric running on screen, then off screen. Every time no one is in the shot, the closet can be heard opening and then shutting.]

Juvia didn't make many friends, Gray-sama. There are these funny devices, and Alto-san told me people talk through them. Juvia listened to the device, but she didn't understand. Some kind of fighting was going on. Oh, but she did tell Minato-kun about you! There was also a nice grey person that explained to Juvia what was happening. He said that Juvia won't be able to see you for awhile.

[It's quite obvious that she does not realize she's on camera. Especially since her back is to it, and the view is obscured of what she's doing right now.]

But Juvia knows how she can keep Gray-sama in her heart until she sees you again!

[And now, the reveal. Juvia has apparently gathered enough pieces to make a GRAY MANNEQUIN. It looks like a cheap knock-off. The blue is not quite right in the jacket. The wig has a bit of a mullet. At least the face of the plastic on the mannequin looks decent?

Feel free to comment on her crazed new endeavor.]
[Well hello there mansion. Many of your inhabitants might notice that the skies in the hallway are dark and gloomy---and yes, that's right. Inside the hallway.

If you are unfortunate enough to walk into the foyer, you will find yourself very wet. Much like in this scene, you might need to throw your swimmies on.]


[She hiccups his name in between breaths as her tears continue to flood the first floor. The rain from the clouds encircling her head looks like it's just about to start.

Feel like going for a swim? :D?]